Brian + Casey
Private residence, Los Angeles

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THEIR STORY:  As Los Angeles natives, Brian and Casey had been in each others social circles for years before they unexpectedly fell for each other.  When I asked what drew them to each other, Casey said "Brian just gave me Dad vibes, like the best kind. I knew he'd be a great Dad".  Brian said, "The woman is so talented at everything she does, she's always surprising me by being epically good at whatever she puts her mind to whether that's her music or anything else." 

Prior to the wedding, when asked what was most important to them in terms of photography they shared that they were most excited for film photos that felt artful and candid, capturing the moments and feelings of their day.  They wanted to the day to feel like an incredible party for their loved ones to enjoy (and enjoy they did!). 

Their whole wedding was so iconic it felt like the Lala Land soundtrack should be playing behind it - from the playful and sweet moments between the couple to the exuberant fun that the wedding guests experienced on the dance floor. 
Planner: Erica Marie Events

"I felt it from the first embrace I shared with you, that now our dreams may finally come true."

- Lala Land