Frequently Asked Questions

The photography for your wedding is a once in a lifetime decision and investment. Because of that, we know this all may feel new and you will have questions.  We've listed our most frequently asked questions below to help simplify things for you. 

Your wedding happens once, the moments happen once, and when you work with us we promise you can relax with confidence knowing that every moment and emotion will be bottled up to re-live for years to come. 

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The first step is to reach out directly or through your planner to inquire about your date and wedding needs. Once received, we will send you a proposal with your package details and pricing. When you accept, an invoice for a deposit and a contract is sent out for you to sign. Once those are complete you are officially booked! The final balance is due one month prior to your wedding date. 

How do I book?

Since every wedding is one-of-a-kind, we have found that we can serve our clients best by offering photography packages based on their individual needs. We take time to work with our planners and clients to ensure we understand their vision, then proceed to create a quote tailored to them. Please contact us directly to get a custom quote for your event. 

What is your pricing?

Travel and accommodation are not included in our pricing packages. Since every destination wedding is unique we will create a custom quote for travel based on the location of your wedding included in the proposal we create for you. Once booked, our team handles all travel and accommodation logistics unless otherwise agreed upon with our clients. 

Not typically. Daniel (JS’s husband) has been her trusty assistant for nearly every wedding she has shot, working with her to create a rhythm and strategy for moving quickly and effectively through each photographic moment of the day. That said, based on the size and scope of the event we may add on second shooters or additional assistants as needed. 

We do not offer videography services. However, we have recommendations for videography teams we are happy to share. Inquire here to learn more. 

For digital we shoot on Canon cameras and lenses, and for film we use Contax 645’s with the Zeiss 80mm lens being our primary choice of lens. We always bring backups of all our equipment and get our gear serviced regularly to ensure your wedding is captured in the most reliable way. 

We shoot on both, as we have found that each method has strengths in different lighting situations. JS began her wedding photography career in digital, mastering that realm before switching to film. For the past 6 years JS has specialized in shooting film for all events, being sought out specifically for her handling and use of film both as a photographer and as an educator. A typical breakdown of our coverage looks like 90% film, 10% digital. All daylight images are shot on film, with digital being used during the darker hours of the reception. 

Are your travel + accommodations included?

What gear do you use?

Do you work with a second shooter?

Do you offer videography services?

Do you shoot on film or digital?

What happens if JS gets sick or injured and can’t make my wedding? 

While this is an extreme rarity, if it did happen JS would find a replacement photographer of equal skill and experience level and present them to you as a backup option. If this option did not work for you, JS would return your investment in full so you could secure another photographer. To help put your mind at ease, in her ten years of shooting weddings there has not been one situation where JS has had to either find a replacement photography or return an investment. We take great care of both our health and wellbeing leading up to each wedding day to ensure we can be there healthy and energized. 

Do you teach photography workshops?

Yes and no. We have moved away from teaching multi-day group workshops, but still offer a select few one-one workshops yearly. We are developing online workshops at this time, be sure to sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date.

How does shooting on film differ from digital in what I receive as a client? 

Your essential experience as our customer will be the same in receivables as if you hired a digital photographer; you will receive high resolution images that have been edited (along with prints if that is part of your package). On our end, our process differs in that we shoot on film cameras (on rolls of film) then send that film to our lab to get developed and scanned. Once complete, our lab sends us all the images digitally which we edit and send to you. Some ask if those extra steps of work to shoot on film are worth it to us, and we always respond with a resounding yes. The quality of film imagery can never be duplicated on digital, and as your photographer we only use the best gear and tools to capture your story and love. 

When will I receive my photos?

Will all my images be edited? What type of editing does your team provide?

Do I receive all the images you take? 

The final gallery of images you receive are the curated and best selection of the photos from your event. We carefully chose each to ensure the day was fully documented, each important moment captured. Images we omit are ones with blur, shots where the subject was blinking, or shots that are unflattering. 

Since it is our mission to deliver to you only the highest quality gallery, we carefully select and curate your images until we are completely satisfied with the final product. Turnaround times for engagement and lifestyle work is 5-6 weeks, and turnaround times for weddings is 8-10 weeks. 

We work on film for many reasons, one of them being that film captures skin in a very flattering way, requiring much less editing. We will do minor retouching of all the images you receive, including blemish removal, cropping adjustments, colour correction, and editing out occasional flyaway hairs. Our goal is for the images to look as natural as possible, to only edit things that feel distracting from the beauty of our subjects. 

Professional retouching is available for those looking for changes beyond the basic edits listed above. Contact us here to learn the hourly rates for our outsourced team. 

When do you arrive for my destination wedding?

In our many years of traveling the world for weddings, we’ve discovered the best ways to travel ensuring we arrive with plenty of time to prepare for your big day. This typically means arriving two days prior to the wedding, guaranteeing that any potential flight delays aren’t an issue, and allowing us to adjust to any time differences so we can wake rested and ready to capture your event.