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With a driving need to see humanity it is, JS allows people the space to show her who they are. She captures the raw moments in a way that only a seasoned artist can. Through her lens, she tells your story in that moment - capturing the felt senses and offering a passageway into the depths of your souls. 

Think of JS as your creative director and luxury film photographer who will expertly guide you through the process ensuring your unique story is told in the most natural and beautiful way.

Growing up in the countryside of Ontario, Canada, JS had a deep love for the adventurous. The beautiful. And a desire to create something bigger than herself. She was the friend who always had a disposable camera ready to capture whatever happened, the one who was always willing to try the new thing. It seemed natural to those who knew her that her first trip abroad happened when she was just a teen, that her chosen university would be in a foreign country, and that she’d try her hand at every art form she could. 

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"Jessica’s style is inherently graceful, dreamy and romantic - she creates photographs that truly inspire. 

Her photos tell a story, with a unique balance of portraits, details, scenery and casual moments. She is present and intentional with every element captured."  

-Nina Moore, planner


"Her soft and romantic photos are beautiful works of art. I just love the way she captures light and movement.

Before hiring JS as my wedding photographer, we had the opportunity to work together on a number of editorial projects and I was in awe of her talent. Our wedding was the happiest day of our lives and we are so happy that we have JS's photos to cherish it." 

- Lisa and Geoff


Ways to Work Together


Our signature service - capturing the day that showcases the masterpiece that is your love story.  


Our favourite way to connect with new clients is through their engagement session.

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With a background in fashion and art, JS excels at photographing beautiful
and bold brands.

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Weddings & elopements

Our signature offering.  Capture the pinnacle event that showcases your unique love story

Our approach integrates photojournalism and artistic intention, and ensures that the real story of your day is captured while allowing you to be present to every moment. Custom collections all include timeline planning with you and your planner, wedding day photography by JS including all travel details, as well as options for add ons including engagement sessions, additional coverage, and other final deliverables to suit the unique needs of your day. 

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You want legacy images that they are still talking about generations from now.

& Pre-wedding

Document your love’s individuality and style through an intimate and adventurous session


Feel nervous in front of a camera, like to adventure, enjoy cuddling with your partner.

Our favourite way to connect with new clients is through an engagement or pre-wedding session.  It is a special opportunity to capture your love with less time constraints, whether that’s at the top of Yosemite or spending time capturing the intimacy of your home life. Our clients who choose to include engagement sessions always tell us how happy they are that they did. 

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Capture your brand's essence with a one-of-a-kind branding shoot

We believe strong visual storytelling is vital for every brand in today's world.  You need your customers to see and feel the heart of your brand, and that begins with ensuring your photographer does too.  JS has been photographing brands since her career began and is incredibly passionate about creating powerful visuals that translate for her commercial clients.  Shoots for brands will always be customized to fit their individual needs. 

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You want powerful and beautiful visuals that attract your ideal customer.

Our Manifesto:

“I find there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”

- vincent van gogh

We trusted her to capture the most intimate moments for us - that made all the difference in the world for us as we were able to feel comfortable with her during the shoots."

what working with JS feels like



"On the day of, she made us feel so comfortable in front of the lens and captured our love story so perfectly. 

- Grace G., bride

booked for wedding & anniversary

"Jessica puts all of her being into documenting the most important of memories for you.

Having her as our photographer was a dream, she is one of the loveliest people you will ever meet! I had more than full confidence that she would capture our wedding day in the most professional yet personal way, you can always count on her to deliver."

-Lindsey Seddon, bride

Booked for wedding & engagement

"When we finally approached our wedding day, we felt like we had known Jess forever, that she understood us.

- Jocelyn Lam, bride

It was like she had known us our whole lives! Needless to say, we absolutely LOVE Jessica and would highly recommend!"

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Our passion for human connection ensures that no small moment, no emotion, is missed in the visual story of your day.