Casa Cody, Palm Springs

Paige & Mike's 

Fashion, fun and playfulness were the trademarks of Paige & Mike's wedding day.  There was so much originality and thoughtfulness put into every detail of their wedding, from the reception design to their outfits for the weekend.   The couple themselves were the hallmark of charm, and that spilled into every aspect of their wedding.  Everywhere Paige went I saw guests faces erupt into big smiles - she is joy and brightness personified.  Mike could always be found having a good laugh or deep conversation, a man of thoughtfulness and presence.  Together, you can imagine that their wedding was one their guests will remember forever.

We adored every moment of documenting their wedding story.

Planner: Grace Heller Events
Florist: Jenn Sanchez

"Completely and perfectly incandescently happy"

- Jane Austen

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