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You are not alone.  I (and so many others) have stood in your shoes.  First, I want you to know it’s a natural (read: normal) place to be as an artist who is trying to make a living with their art.  Second, as frustrating as it feels, it is actually a sign of something really great. A sign that deep inside you something yearns to be brought into the world, and discouragement is simply an outward sign that the answers are actually already inside of you now waiting to be discovered. 

Listening to those feelings can be the first step to changing everything. That was the case for me.

Six years ago when I started out in photography, I really struggled to understand the balance of being an artist and a business owner.  I was a pendulum from one extreme to the other.  I’d try to replicate another photographers success journey in a completely unsuccessful way. I’d create a shoot that was different just to be different (not because it was true to me) and no matter the response from the industry,

it felt empty.


It took years, but eventually I realized that there is no one way to do this.  Everyone’s “success story” must inevitably be unlike other stories for it to be genuine and fulfilling,  and I had to accept that mine would be too.  I had to accept that I couldn’t completely predict it or control it but I had to start just listening to the next right step in my gut.  With the help of incredible guides and powerful techniques and I journeyed back to listening to my intuition and began photographing what really moved me.  

I realized that that journey was what needed to happen for me to be able to create real art.

Once I was in touch with my intuition, I was so much happier with what I created, and the natural consequence was that my business started to flourish.  I attracted the kind of clients I really wanted to work with, I branched outside of the work I thought I “should” be creating and I kept making decisions in my business and life that felt right for me.  Today the way I live, create, and run my business is a night and day difference from when I started my photography business – in the best possible way – and I couldn’t be more thankful. 

I created this workshop because I want to lead you through a similar (and faster) process of recognizing the voice of intuition already inside of yourself and seeing how it can change your life, art and business. I am passionate about doing this because the world needs each and every one of us to create work that only we can create and because I believe you deserve to be fulfilled and joyful with a business that thrives as a reflection of the goodness you create for the world. 

I can’t wait to walk with you through the process.

I’ve invited the best of the best in the industry to join me on this mission because amazingness doesn’t happen in a vacuum. There is nothing as powerful as a group of like minded visionaries working together towards a common goal.  They are each humble and brilliant innovators that don’t live by the trends but set them, and I could not be more honoured to have every one as part of my team.