Megan and Adam’s at home anniversary Session in Long Beach

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  1. Meg Lowrie says:

    Love this session. The easy morning story is compelling. Reminds me of some of my favourite memories with My Daniel. Our love story began when my best friend gave me an "I love Daniel" keychain exclaiming that she met my perfect guy. I didn’t get to know Daniel until 2 YEARS later and I fell in love with him in a month. For some reason I kept that keychain and it’s a treasured possession now. <3

  2. Shanna Winberg says:

    I love this session, it truly represents love in the everyday sense and not just the glamour of a shoot.

    I met my husband through mutual friends and he caught me off guard and really showed me what a true gentleman is like. He’s supported me in all my endeavors even if it’s taken me far away from him and continues to support my hopes and dreams. He is the love of my life and I am so incredibly lucky to have met him and captured his heart in the same way he has captured mine.

  3. Stephanie Hunt says:

    I love how cozy and real this shoot is!

    My fiance and I met through work. We started the same job on the same day and I was immediately attracted to his fun, positive energy. A number of years later and he’s still like a beacon of light that I’m drawn to. I’m excited we’ll be married this winter and I’d love to do an engagement shoot like this.

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