A trip through France, my favourite place in the world

If you’ve followed along on my journey, you’ll know I’m slightly obsessed with France. I was 23 years old when I visited for the first time. On that first trip, I spent two weeks with a french friend and her family after a semester abroad in Uganda and Rwanda. I experienced my first chocolate covered croissant from a French patisserie. I had dinners with the family out on the terrace of fresh baguette and rich pasta. I rode on the back of a scooter through Nice, watching the gorgeous architecture fly by. Since then, it’s been the one destination in the world that I’ve returned to over and over again.

Home away from home

After getting my DNA analyzed at ancestry.com, I was fascinated to learn of the dominant French lineage in my blood. I always known I was part French, but I didn’t expect the discoveries and stories that would be unlocked through getting my DNA analyzed.

I realized that maybe there is something inside intuitive of us that connects us to certain places in the world. Maybe there is something that explains that moment of stepping of a plane feeling “home” even when it’s our first time in that city or country. I still can’t explain my love for France in any better way other than it just feels like home away from home.

Below are images from my trip while I was shooting at boutique hotels for The Perfect Hideaway as well as moments and places I didn’t want to forget.

Hotels featured:

Les Oliviers du Taullison

Patis St Tropez


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