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From the tender way a father walks his daughter down the aisle to the boisterous dancing on the wedding eve, see more of these one-of-a-kind moments here.

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Looking for inspiration? Explore wedding, fashion and lifestyle inspiration from around the cloudy coast of Oregon to the rolling hills of Provence.

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Planning a trip and wanting inspiration?  Or just hoping to take a digital journey from the comfort of your living room?  See more of JS’s favourite explorations from around the world.

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hello there.

I tell the real stories -
the achingly beautiful ones

You’re here because you’re searching for something more than a list of credentials and pretty imagery. You want photography with meaning. Deeper, truer, and more beautiful than anything you’ve ever experienced before.

You want to know your story is in the hands of someone who cares deeply. Someone who knows how to create art out of your love.

did i mention, I have over a decade of experience in wedding, fashion and
photojournalistic photography

our services

TELLING YOUR STORY with excellence.

Our passion for human connection ensures that no small moment - no emotion - is missed in the photographic story of your day.  Learn more about what we offer and if it's the perfect fit for you.